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Seaside campsite

Le Paradis Campsite is located on the coast in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, near Veillon beach, in the heart of the Vendée tourist attractions. The Vendée has a variety of stunning landscapes such as the Yeu and Noirmoutier islands, jewels of the Vendée coast. The Breton marsh floats between land and sea at the foot of these islands… It has 45,000 hectares of canals, wet meadows, and polders, a unique landscape in France. You can explore the Marais Poitevin and its 112,000 hectares of canals. It has three zones: the coastal zone, the dry marsh used for agriculture, and “the Green Venice”, which is flooded in the winter. There are many jetties where guides will take you to explore the water trails of the Green Venice. Under the shade of the pollard ash trees, the plates (traditional flat-bottomed boats), steered by boatmen, will take you up to the gorgeous gates of the Abbey of Maillezais.

Paradis Campsite beach in the Vendée

Paradis Campsite seaside Vendée

Campsite in the Vendée coast

From the Campsite you will be 4km from the beach. You can go there by foot or by car to enjoy the coastline and Le Veillon beach.
So being in our campsite on the seaside in the Vendée will allow you to enjoy the sand, the waves, the dunes, the relaxation on calm beaches. Indeed, on the beach of Campsite Paradis, you will not be cramped. You can go to all the activities by the sea without being on top of each other, whether as a family, a group or a couple.

Beach and embankment of Les Sables d'Olonne

Activities by the sea

In France, The wild coast of the Vendée coast stretches over 250 km of coastline, including 140 km of splendid and vast wild beaches of fine sand. The public authorities have undertaken a vast project on a European scale to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of these shores, using natural processes and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. All holders of the famous “Blue Flag”, these beaches will allow you to enjoy an exceptional quality water, on beaches bordered by gently sloping dunes, to preserve the landscape, fauna and flora by guaranteeing maximum pleasure, safety and authenticity for holidaymakers. Our Campsite Le Paradis is located a stone’s throw from one of these beautiful preserved beaches: La plage du Veillon.

camping by the sea

Pavillon Bleu Label

The blue flag label is the use of natural algae deposits to strengthen shorelines and dunes.

The blue flag label, it is also the guarantee of maximum safety wherever you go swimming, but also of devices to keep it clean, thanks to manual and gentle techniques, respecting the local fauna and flora.
These natural and wild beaches of the Vendée will be the ideal place for families and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. The choice of seaside resorts on the Vendée Coast is particularly rich, you will have only the embarrassment of choice. Our Campsite Paradis, with its swimming-pool, is ideally located in Talmont Saint-Hilaire: between the sea, the beach and beautiful state forests, where you can alternate sunbathing and hiking: it is the ideal place for lovers of freedom, preserved nature and authenticity.

Beach and embankment of Les Sables d'Olonne
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